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Kidney Stone


Kidney Stone

Stone disease or we can say kidney stone is one of most painful urinary problem. Surveys reported that more than a million kidney stone cases are diagnosed each year. Fortunately, most stones pass out of the body without any problem through urinary pathway. It is not detected early hence causes various problems in body accompanied lots of pain.

Kidney is filter of our body. It detoxifies our body and causes the formation of urine. Urine contains all toxic material and hence goes out from body. Sometimes materials become concentrated in urine and form solid crystals in kidney. These are called kidney stone. The majority of stones contain calcium & its chemical combination calcium oxalate. Stones form when there is imbalance between certain chemical urinary components. They vary in size from as small as grain of sand to as large as golf ball.

Causes of Kidney stone

No scientist is able to find the exact reasons for kidney stone. But some reasons promote the formation of kidney stone. They are as follows-

  • Surroundings and quality of water play a vital role in kidney stone formation
  • Excess of loss of body fluids.
  • A high animal protein Diet can also affect the probability of stone formation.
  • Crohn syndrome or gastric bypass surgery.
  • Obesity is risk factor for stone formation.
  • Stone formation has also been linked to hyperparathyroidism, an endocrine disorder that results in more calcium in your urine
  • Consumption of calcium pills
  • Infection in urinary tract

Kidney stone symptoms

Kidney stone symptoms generally are not able to recognizable early. Because generally stone pass out from body through urinary tract but when stone is big in size it causes lots of problems. Some common kidney stone symptoms are-

  • When stone start obstruct urinary passage pain start in lower abdominal area. This is the strongest pain sensations known.
  • Causes urinary urgency, restlessness, sweating, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Blood in the urine.
  • If the stone is close to the lower end of urethra, a person will frequently feel like they have not fully completed urination.

Kidney stone treatment

We Hashmi Mart brought you Stonil, Natural Kidney Stone Treatment. It’s unique kidney stone treatment for all kidney problems. This kidney stone medicine have blend of high quality ayurvedic herbs that are well known for restoring kidney health. Our kidney stone medicine dissolves stone of kidney and gall bladder and expels it out without side effects and also prevents from new stone formation. It acts as a tonic for urinary system and cures all the problems of urinary tract. It controls the level of calcium in body and prevents crystallization into calcium oxalate which causes stone in kidney. It’s the most safe, effective and non surgical method to cure stones.


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