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Fertility Treatment


Fertility Treatment

Abnormal Sperm Production, Problems with sperm production is main cause to affect male fertility. Azoospermia; no sperm cells, Oligospermia; where few sperm cells & Teratospermia; abnormal shaped sperms are produced. Sometimes, sperm cells malformed or die before fertilization. In rare cases, genetic disease like cystic fibrosis, chromosomal abnormality affects sperm generation.

Other factors affect sperm motility

  • Smoking, Excessive drinking.
  • Drugs, including steroids and recreational use.
  • Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI).
  • Frequent exposure to extreme heat.
  • Working in cramped conditions.
  • Acute viral illness.
  • Operations for undescended testes or hernias.

Hashmi Mart experts have evolved effective herbs-mineral formulations to increase sperm motility. Baby capsules developed by Hashmi are prescribed after careful analysis male fertility conditions. We believe our treatment cure sperm and testes issue, increase sperm motility & bring back joyful moments. Baby capsules consists unique herbs combination, amino acids, and vitamins help body to make superior quality sperm & increase sperm motility. With our treatment reverses diminution in physical and mental strengths to ensure strong and healthy generations by good sperms with increased sperm motility. This capsule is most useful herb in fertility establishment. High vitamin & protein content relax nervous system, promote fertility & increase sperm motility. Daily use helps balance hormonal functioning, purify blood, and improve liver health of the liver to increase sperm motility. These fertility Capsules is medicine made from traditional Unani medicine that helps invigorate and clean kidney improving functionality & increase sperm motility.

Silent feature of treatment

  • Balance Hormones and Fertility Level.
  • Improving Sperm Motility.
  • Make Sperm Healthier and Strong.
  • Cure sperm Abnormalities.
  • Increase Vitality and Energy.
  • Increase Conception Chance.

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