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Aids Treatment, Aids Cure


Aids Treatment, Aids Cure

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is induced by a virus called HIV, which makes the body less capable of fighting infection by weakening the immune system. In AIDS, CD4 cells, a type of white blood cells, are destroyed by HIV. These cells have a large role in helping the body fight against diseases. A person may suffer with HIV infection for years before it progresses to AIDS.

AIDS Symptoms:

  1. Primary infection: Acute or primary HIV infection may last for some weeks. Possible symptoms and signs include headache, diarrhoea, joint pain, sore throat, chills, rash, fever, and night sweats.
  2. Clinical latent infection: In some patients, lymph nodes’ persistent swelling occurs during clinical latent HIV. Otherwise, there are no specific symptoms and signs. HIV simply remains in infected white blood cells. Clinical latent infection normally lasts up to a maximum of 10 years.
  3. Early symptoms HIV infection: As the virus continuously multiply and destroy immune cells, the infected person can have a risk to develop mild chronic signs or infections and symptoms such as diarrhoea, fatigue, cough, weight loss, fever, and shortness of breath.
  4. Symptoms that show progression to AIDS: If a person receives no treatment for the HIV infection, then the disease progresses to AIDS in almost 10 years. The symptoms and signs of some of the infections may include cough, high fever, soaking night sweats, headaches, chronic diarrhoea, and weight loss.

AIDS Prevention

AIDS is one of the leading causes of death across the globe; therefore, make sure that you:

  • Avoid unprotected anal intercourse.
  • Avoid sharing needles for drugs piercing.
  • Avoid unprotected vaginal intercourse.
  • Avoid unprotected oral sex on a menstruating woman.
  • Avoid sharing implements that draw blood.
  • Avoid unprotected oral-anal contact.

Hashmi AIDS-NIL Capsule is a natural remedy for lack of immunity and helps in the prevention of AIDS. Hashmi AIDS-NIL Capsule can kill the HIV virus in the human body safely within a very brief period. Progress can be seen in 30-60 days without any side effects.

How Hashmi AIDS-NIL Capsule acts for HIV/ AIDS:

  • Inhibits viral multiplication.
  • Augments production of CD4 lymphocytes cell.
  • Immuno-restorative
  • Treatment and prophylaxis for opportunistic infections.
  • Stimulates and sustains physiological activity in the body.
  • Increases CD4 Helper T cells.
  • Tones up functions of vital organs of the body.
  • Curtails the development of ailments.
  • Not prone to multi drug resistance.
  • Immunity, vigour and vitality of the patient is restored.
  • It is very efficacious as a prophylactic to prevent transmission of HIV virus from mother to foetus during pregnancy.

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