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Alcohol Addiction Treatment


Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Today our new life style makes most of people get addicted to Drug addiction. Drug addiction includes alcohol addiction, tobacco use or many more. Here we first need to know what addiction is actually.

What is Addiction?

Addiction means a person has no control over drug usage and building tolerance to that substance, so that person needs larger does than ever before to get same effects. Generally addition makes person to feel pleasure, so continues abuse them. Drug addiction refers use of any drug that alters mood or body function that is habit- forming. Person once started, pleasurable effect of drugs makes one want to keep reusing, brain actually changes in certain ways that powerful urge to use drugs controls persons’behavior.

Alcohol addiction

It’s a state of being dependent on alcohol, which is dangerous for physical and mental health of person and for his social and economic well-being. Person finds alcohol is offering temporary pleasure and immediate solution to problem, so continues to use it. With continued use, body’s ability to produce certain vital chemicals is diminished hence brain replace these chemical by alcohol and body use it as substituent. Due to this phenomena body assumes that it needs alcohol to function and demands alcohol, through physical cravings. Cravings are the sensations produced by body to get alcohol in any way and make person assume that alcohol it basic needs to balance system. Hence, person is caught in trap in which one feels extreme discomfort of being without alcohol, mentally and physically.

Causes of Drug addiction or alcohol addiction

  • Curiosity for drugs And Peer Pressure.
  • Myths About Beneficial Qualities Of Drugs
  • Imitation and Learning From Others
  • His or her developmental stage
  • Surrounding social environment

How alcoholism affects our lives

Alcoholism affects lives in many ways like socially, mentally, physically. A popular quote is that alcoholism destroys family as early as liver because alcohol considered as slow poison. As our kidney is filter of body it start clearing the poison and while clearing it acid formation will take place causes liver damage and prolonged use leads to kidney failure. Other effects of alcoholism are-

  • Prolonged drug abuse causes permanent changes in brain structure and function.
  • Alcohol depresses normal functions of brain.
  • Important contributor to death and disability of organs.
  • Increased sedation, loss of control and balance and over dosage even causes coma or death.
  • Marital disharmony and domestic violence, unsafe sex.
  • Criminal behavior such as driving offences, stealing.
  • Financial problems, loss of job, prestige in society, poor relationship with colleague and many more.

Alcohol Addiction treatment

Hashmi Mart brings you antobacus, a medicine to treat addiction. Our medicine has anti-hypertensive & detoxification properties. Medicine has unique ingredients like gulbanafsa, kudzu, nisoth etc which have anti-alcoholic property that inhibits & induces action to alcohol consumption and helps patients reduce alcohol intake. It also diminishes desire to drink, plus acts as liver tonic, increasing its ability to fight off toxins. After due course of medicine administered, body of addict rejects alcohol as his body will not allow a single drop of alcohol from that point of time. It improves liver function and its metabolism by blocking entrance & removes toxins from liver cells. It regenerate injured liver cells & reduces craving for alcohol. It’s a natural blood purifier and is very useful for various diseases. It continuously works to purify blood and takes away alcohol dependency modes from it. Alcohol addiction or drug addiction can be divided into three categories. Hence alcohol addiction treatment pursued followed accordingly. As treatment takes time, we Hashmi Mart prescribed treatment according to the category of patient. Alcohol addiction are categorized as

  • Initial stage addiction
    In initial, alcohol addiction treatment slowly setbacks & will be relieved from smoothly even without knowledge which results to quit alcohol or any kind of drugs.
  • Semi chronic addiction
    In this stage antobacus does its work as ongoing process through prescribed course given which takes more time and on right point body deny drugs and results into quitting drugs. Medicine do workout to suppress as well as cravings of narcotics.
  • Chronic addiction, Very Chronic addicts
    For that stage medicine work on condition & on correct time while reached body refuses narcotics, whereas body going to be reject if alcohol will consumed in future and return back into that normal life with happiness and positive energy.

During the treatment patient shows certain problem in maintenance of the body system. We consider it as alcohol quitting symptoms. These symptoms are-

  • Coarse tremors of hands, tongue or eyelids later Headache and sleeplessness
  • Nausea, vomiting, Malaise, weakness Depressed, irritable mood
  • Increased pulse, Sweating, elevated blood pressure, anxiety
  • Disorientation Hallucinations Illusions and delusions

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