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Male Infertility


Male Infertility

Infertility, conventionally always considered as woman’s problem. According to Indian culture man is always fertile & can make children at any age. Not true at all. Studies shows it’s true that man produce sperms after puberty to throughout life. But this fact not gives conformation for fertility. Fertility depends on amount of sperms generated. World Health Organization states, men who have fewer than 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen with each ejaculation may be at risk for having infertility issues. About one out of every three cases of infertility is due to man alone. Male infertility one of hardest challenges man can face. After all, necessity of reproduction is one of few things on which both Darwin and religious books agree. Not being able to father is like failing at one of most primal responsibilities.

Male infertility

Male infertility is defined as inability to generate required number of sperm to make women pregnant after one year of unprotected intercourse. In any given year, about 15 percent of men in India who are trying to conceive are infertile. Infertility of couple depends upon several factors in male and female partner. Among all cases, about 8 percent can be traced to male factors. When infertility occurs, the male goes to best treatment options. In past, men with infertility had few options because of limited information & even less information about successful cure. But now this is no so common. Awareness about sex and sexual problems male can prefer better or best treatment according to problems.

Causes of male infertility

Fertility needs normal functioning of hypothalamus, pituitary gland & testes. Effect of these organs and glands causes adverse effect on fertility of men. There are various reasons of male infertility. Here we can mention some reasons for it.

  • Sperm production problems: Male infertility causes by sperm production process in testes. About two thirds of men have sperm production problems.
  • Obstructions of sperm transport: Blockages vas deferens or tubes testes to the penis can cause a complete lack of sperm in the ejaculated semen. Sometimes vasectomy also causes infertility.
  • Sperm antibodies: Substances in semen or blood called sperm antibodies which can reduce sperm movement & block egg binding.
  • Sexual problems: problems in sexual intercourse, e.g. erection, ejaculation problems, cause infertility.
  • Hormonal problems: Sometimes pituitary gland does not send right hormonal signals to the testes. This can cause both low testosterone levels & failure of the testes to produce sperm.
  • Medical problems: excess use of drugs & narcotics or medical problems like diabetes causes impotency.

Male infertility in India

Infertility is very problem. According to W.H.O one in five male is suffering from infertility. In most cases, there are no confirmatory signs of infertility problem. Intercourse, erections and ejaculation will happen normally. Quantity & appearance of ejaculated semen seem normal to naked eye.

Male infertility treatment

Male infertility treatment depends upon underlying cause. From years of hard work and research on different herbs Hashmi Mart develop a revolutionary product for male infertility treament. X-Fire is natural medicine which works on male anatomy and triggers pituitary gland to release signal which directs tests to release more sperms. It increases sperm volume. Make semen denser.

It has no side effect on human body & highly result oriented and gives you expected results. Made in in-tested labs of Hashmi Mart under strict supervision. All herbs used to prepare in male infertility treatment is obtained only by mother nature. Process of production is completely quality controlled.

Some silent features of X-Fire are as follows-

  • It promoter of Strength and Quantity of Semen and increase number in it( up to 25 million/ ejaculation).
  • Useful in treatment in night emission.
  • Increased Endurance and sexual stamina during intercourse.
  • Stronger & Harder Erection for sex
  • Libido Enhancer and sexual drive.

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