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Premature Ejaculation Treatment


Premature Ejaculation Treatment

From love to marriage, marriage to copulation, through copulation its intercourse & after that fertilization. All these process is to generate offspring who leads hierarchy. In fertilization male sex hormone, sperm & female sex hormone, egg combines with each other to form offspring which grows to form baby. Sperm & egg is important to generate offspring. Sperm is present in semen which is ejected in female body through vagina during sex. Sperm fertilize egg. But what happens if sperm is helpless to reach in women vagina??? What happen if male unables to eject semen?? Answer of these questions is that fertilization process will stop, hierarchy will stop. Generation of family not form. Reason of these problems is premature ejaculation. The problem may seriously affect man’s self-esteem, resulting in anxiety, embarrassment, disappointment and sometimes even depression.

Premature Ejaculation

During sex male sex organ, penis ejects semen vagina which contain sperm for fertilization. But because of sexual problem male incompetent to eject semen on time & this known as premature ejaculation. Men sexual enhancement includes many areas like penis enlargement, sexual desire, long lasting erections & most important ejaculation. Semen ejaculation leads to climax & sexual satisfaction. Sexual satisfaction is important for health and happy life. When there is discussion of male enhancement, it also includes sexual ability. Sexual ability refers to stamina of ejecting semen in time when its required. When male did not able to eject on time, he incapable of satisfy his loved one & hence unsatisfied female body reject sperm. Premature ejaculation causes when male have insufficient stamina to maintain himself & no control on erection & ejects early when female body is not prepared to accept. Premature ejaculation only refers to less sexual energy and sexual desire. Surveys proved that one man out of ten ejaculates within one minute of vaginal penetration. It causes lack in sexual satisfaction & sexual confidence.

Reasons for early ejaculation?

Causes of premature ejaculation are-

  • Obesity & unhealthy diet. Excess eating of fast food reduces stamina & causes adverse effects on male sex hormone generation. Obesity pressurizes heart to circulate more blood which causes decrease in energy levels
  • Intake of narcotics, alcohol & antidepressants. Alcohol & antidepressants directly affect mind & decrease ability to think & perform action. It effect nervous system. Because of alcohol male loses its control of stamina and ejaculates early during sex.
  • Stress & diabetes. Stress & effects brain & tendency to perform. Reduces sexual stamina. Effect penile health and causes reduction in sexual desire & libido.
  • Erectile dysfunction also causes premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation Treatment

If person is facing any problem like stress & diabetes or other health related issue he make himself sure to take care of it. Stop narcotics & alcohol. Try to lose weight. All these are solution to increase sexual stamina. But if a person facing problem of premature ejaculation, male has to consult sexologist. Hashmi Mart with team of experienced sexologist developed a natural medicine for premature ejaculation treatment. Mughal-e-Azam capsules is the best premature ejaculation treatment & increase penis size, raise sexual stamina, and increase sexual drive. It improves virility and helps to achieve long lasting orgasms with awesome climax. By useing ejaculation capsules, you will capable of make love long lasting. This medicine acts on cerebral and spinal centers and delay ejaculation. This medication acts within one hour and thus can be used before sexual intercourse. According to studies, our medicine increases IELT (Intra vaginal Ejaculatory Latency Time) by 3-4 times, improves the man’s control over ejaculation and increases sexual satisfaction both for him and his partner.

Is it beneficial for me?

Our premature ejaculation treatment medicine is purely natural & prepared with hard work & continuous research on different combination of herbs. In labs of Hashmi Mart, which is ISO 2001:1991 as well as GMP certified, its prepared under strict quality checked process? Every ingredient used in medicine is purely obtained from womb of Mother Nature. Its purely result oriented natural medicine & hence give remarkable result within 1-2 months. It stops premature ejaculation, increase penile size & also raise sexual drive.


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