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High Blood Pressure


High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure defined as force on arteries measured in milli meters of mercury (mm Hg). Normal B.P. is 120/80 mm Hg. High blood pressure or arterial hypertension is chronic medical condition in which artery force is elevated and depends on heart muscle contraction or relaxation. High blood pressure affect kidneys, arteries, heart or endocrine system and leads to hypertensive heart disease and coronary artery disease, stroke if not treated. Blood pressure tends to rise with age.

Blood Pressure Range

Blood pressure range varies person to person. Blood pressure range follows different stages. Blood pressure range is:

  • Normal blood pressure range evaluated Less than 120/80
  • Prehypertension blood pressure range counts 120/80 – 139/89
  • Level 1 high blood pressure range considered 140/90 – 159/99
  • Podium 2 high blood pressure range lies 160/100 and above
  • High blood pressure range over age 60 years is 150/90 and above

High blood pressure causes

Exact high blood pressure causes still controversial to discuss, but several conditions play role in its development, including:-

  • Smoking, Alcohol intake
  • Obesity/overweight, cardiovascular diseases
  • Physical inactivity, mental stress, adrenal and thyroid disorders
  • High salt intake , excess fat diet
  • Older age, Chronic kidney disease, Diabetes
  • Genetics, Family history, gender, Psoriasis
  • Environmental factors like Temperature, Ethnic background
  • Low birth weight, Pregnancy

Few high blood pressure symptoms are discussed below.

High blood pressure symptoms

Some high blood pressure symptoms are evaluated to diagnose. Blood spots in eyes common with diabetic people considered high blood pressure symptoms. Facial flushing in dilates is verified high blood pressure symptoms. Dizziness should not ignore high blood pressure symptoms and medications. In addition with above discussed high blood pressure symptoms severe headaches, anxiety, breathe shortness, nosebleeds are also well known calculated high blood pressure symptoms. Main concerned is discussed high blood pressure symptoms is some other diseases sign, hence doctor consultation is necessary.

Blood pressure medicine

Natural alternative treatment over normal conventional medicines is popular. HTNIL capsules have great promise and established options for treating hypertension but need prior doctor prescription. HTNIL capsule contain unique formulation helps maintain healthy heart, reduces stress and nervousness effects. Blood pressure medicine promotes effective cardiac functioning, tones heart, boost immunity and strengthen heart muscles. Capsule specially formulated to protect heart from diseases. Hashmi Mart developed medicine is authorized natural heart capsules and cardio-protective supplement. HTNIL medicine regulates serum lipids, cholesterol level, triglyceride, low and high-density lipoprotein and adrenergic stimulation.

Blood Pressure Treatment benefits

  • Prevent Heart Attacks, Congestive Heart Failure and Heart Palpitations.
  • Strengthen Heart Muscles, Blood Circulation and Red Blood Cell Count.
  • Regulates Peripheral Vascular Resistance, and Cholesterol Levels.
  • Prevents Coronary Heart Disease, Heart Murmur, Irregular Heartbeat
  • Relieving Numbness, Chest Tightness, Labored Breathing, Anxiety, Nervousness and Insomnia.

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