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Acidity Treatment


Acidity Treatment

Excess acid secretion by gastric glands in digestive system is acidity. Heartburn and gas formation are major acidity symptoms. Body produces acid to digest food we eat but most acid generation results problem in digestive system. Various acidity symptoms are discussed here.

Acidity Symptoms

Burning sensation or stomach pain most noticed acidity symptoms. Chest pain, inflammation in chest encircles acidity symptoms. Feeling hungry frequently common acidity symptoms. Constant pain in upper abdomen, belching well known acidity symptoms. General acidity symptoms are nausea, bitter mouth taste, vomiting, coughing. Prolonged acidity symptoms include respiratory problems, pain during muscular contractions and pain in ears. These discussed acidity symptoms are very painful and results by following acidity causes.

Acidity Causes

Stomach derangements lead to excess acid by gastric gland and considered as main acidity causes. Medical conditions like gastrointestinal reflux disease, ulcers acts important acidity causes. Anxiety, stress is normal acidity causes. Hyperthyroidism, improper salivation in the mouth or insomnia considered common acidity causes. Lack of exercise, diet rich in fatty, fried, and spicy food are most observed acidity causes. Excessive intake tea and coffee, alcohol, smoking leads acidity causes.

Acidity Cure

Hashmi Unani Pharmacy developed best acidity cure is Acikill capsules. Acidity cure helps in digestion by exerting carminative, antispasmodic, antiflatulent and antacid actions. Our acidity cure is natural digestive stimulant, increases digestion power. Hashmi acidity cure enhances bile secretion and digestive enzyme-stimulating actions. Acidity cure improves assimilation of digested nutrients and relieves gaseous distension in digestive tract. Hashmi developed acidity cure has unique herb combination that improves digestive process, liver activity, gastric juice pH level.

Acikill Capsule considered as best acidity cure which aid digestion, distressing stomach disorders safely and instantly. Acidity cure indigestion, constipation, loss of appetite, heartburn, flatulence and belching, reduce excessive secretion of acid from stomach. Advantages of Acidity Cure

  • Promotes Food Absorption.
  • Helpful in Stomach Ache, Gas and Indigestion.
  • Relieves Stomach Pain and Intestine Discomfort.
  • Reduces Body Heat, Weight Naturally.
  • Best Liver Toner.
  • Restores Stomach and Intestinal Digestive Enzymes.
  • Supports Heart and Lungs.

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