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Asthma Treatment


Asthma Treatment

Asthma considered as chronic disease relating lung air passage ways, bronchial tubes. Its long term lung disease inflames and narrows airways & affects people of all ages. More than 25 million people are known to have problem. In described condition airways that carry air in lungs swelled, react strongly to certain inhaled substances leads less air flow and make more mucus than usual causes various respiratory problems.

Asthma Causes

Main asthma causes can be genetic, environmental, allergic but fundamental asthma cause still unknown. Strongest asthma cause considered genetic predisposition with environmental exposure combination and other respiratory tract ailments. Common asthma causes create allergies are house dust, pet dander, pollens, moulds, tobacco smoke, chemical irritants in workplace and air pollution. Emotional asthma causes encircles cold air, extreme anger or fear, and physical exercise. Even certain medications considered important asthma causes like aspirin, beta-blockers. DNA sequence inherited is prominence asthma causes.

Asthma Symptoms

Common asthma symptoms include periods of wheezing, chest tightness, breath shortness and coughing specially at night. Inflammation in bronchial tubes and increased mucus production considered as post asthma symptoms. In addition, some people show asthma symptoms during exercise, or with viral infections. Asthma symptoms results into mild attacks generally more common. Usually airways open up within few minutes to few hours. Severe attacks are less common but require immediate medical help. It’s important to recognize asthma symptoms on time & treat even mild asthma to prevent and control asthma. Described activities considered as asthma symptoms for severe attack-

  • Feeling very tired or weak after exercising
  • Changes in lung function on peak flow meter
  • Signs of cold or allergies.
  • Trouble sleeping

Some early warning asthma symptom which need immediate medication-

  • Coughing that won’t stop or controlled.
  • Very rapid breathing
  • Heavy chest pain or pressure
  • Tightened neck and chest muscles called retractions
  • Difficulty talking, anxiety or panic pale sweaty face
  • Blue lips or fingernails

Asthma Treatment

Hashmi Mart developed Bronkill capsules. Bronkill is effective natural asthma treatment, consist most effective formulas to strengthen lungs and control breathing. Asthma treatment reduces vulnerability towards flu & allergy. Our asthma treatment cure root asthma cause by drying bronchial phlegm. Hashmi mart developed asthma treatment used for many years safely to support respiratory system, open airways, and lung health for all ages. Our asthma treatment is International Standard Organization accredited product to dilates respiratory tract & prevent hyper sensitivity occurrence. Hashmi developed asthma treatment permanently build strong immunity against allergy. This natural asthma treatment initiates process to heal lungs swelling.

Our asthma treatment helps

  • Reduces asthma attacks frequency.
  • Reduces Attack Severity.
  • Enhances Immunity towards respiratory allergy.
  • Reduces Bronchodilator, Cortisone, Inhalers, and Antibiotics needs.
  • Improves Overall Health.
  • Absolutely Safe and Can Be Taken With Traditional Medicines.

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