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White Discharge Treatment


White Discharge Treatment

Uncontrolled discharge of a white or sometimes yellowish, sticky, foul-smelling material from the vagina is called Leucorrhoea. In Ayurvedic history, Leucorrhoea is known as Shveta padaratha, where Shveta means ‘white color’, & Padaratha means ‘discharge of fluid’, generally known as whitish or yellowish discharge from female genitals. White discharge is normal sometimes because it shows change in hormones. Normally it occurs before girl’s first period, & hence considered as sign of puberty. But it’s an abnormal condition of reproductive organs of women when it continues for weeks or months. If not treated properly in starting stages, it becomes chronic problem of female vagina or cervix, generally non-pathological symptom secondary to inflammatory conditions of vagina. It’s common problem faced by every women of any age.

Female reproductive organs are highly venerable to infections because generally female genitals are moist and covered most of times. Excess sweating is added point for such condition & raise chances of infections & problems. Like men sexual health, female sexual health is also a matter of controversies. Because of fear of embarrassment in front of other females generally not discuss their medical and sexual health even to doctor. This problem causes various problems in sexual life. White discharge treatment could be little hard in such cases.

Maintaining good genital health is only way to prevent infections or STD’s. Normal white discharge is clear & odorless whereas leucorrhea is thick, sticky & sometimes yellowish in color, foul odor fluid.

Effects & symptoms of leucorrhea

Leucorrhea is not a major problem but it leads to various genital infection hence need to be cured as early as possible. It’s natural defense mechanism that is used by vagina and its vaginal tissues to maintain their chemical balance, flexibility & acts as powerful vaginal tonic. It also helps in soothing congestion in pelvic part of body as well as helpful for elimination of monstrous matter.

Sometimes leucorrhea is quite uncomfortable condition for women to live with. Treatment in early stage prevent from many problems which may happen in future due to this condition. Some common problem due to leucorrhea & its symptoms are-

  • Bad smelling white discharge
  • Continuous Headaches
  • Fatigue or loss of hunger
  • Constipation
  • Sexual weakness and pain in joints and other body parts.
  • Capricious hunger, nausea and vomiting.
  • Digestion is difficult as well as slow.
  • Headache, slow motion and general lethargy, pain particularly in shoulder blades, in all limbs.
  • Vaginal itching.
  • Black patches on the skin under the eyes
  • Spotting on the underwear
  • It causes irritation & inflammation in cell membrane of vagina. If discharge is extensive & continues for much longer period, and causes pain then problem needs medical help.

Causes of leucorrhea

Symptoms vary in intensity from female to female. Some women may experience many symptoms together, while others may have no symptoms but suffering from problem. Here we discuss some common causes:

  • Urinary tract infections or Sexually transmitted diseases cause white discharge.
  • Injuries to vagina, womb or cervix, which is often happen during pregnancy
  • Poor hygienic measures.
  • Irritation from intrauterine contraceptive device or contraceptives used by men or female
  • Use of sprays, lubricants or jellies
  • Having diet of low nutrition
  • Certain health problems, e.g. Anemia, diabetes.
  • During puberty in girls because of hormonal changes in body.
  • During the ovulation cycle & in early pregnancy
  • During sexual excitement, excess of sexual activity
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Repeated abortions or miscarriages
  • Excessive intake of heavy, oily, cold, sweet, and dense foods

Diet for leucorrhea

Diet is very important for leucorrhea patients. With proper medication, sexologist as well as gynecologist advised women to follow a healthy diet, to prevent it. Diet contains high amounts of vitamin & protein to prevent problem. Here we mention some do’s & don’s to prevent this problem. These fruits, vegetables & some recipes not only prevent white discharge but also improve your mental & sexual health.

  • Bananas, cranberries, oranges, lemons, black plums, okra, leafy greens, onions, yogurt can prevent problem.
  • Ginger, garlic, fenugreek and coriander decrease white discharge.
  • Eggs, meat, bread, mushrooms are also helpful.
  • Chew betel nuts after meals.
  • Increase liquids in diet, like water, soup, milk and juice to flush toxin out.
  • Maintain proper hygiene, & always wash undergarments with an antibiotic solution, let them dry under sun.
  • Avoid heavy, oily, fried, spicy, and sour foods.
  • Tea, coffee, alcohol, aerated drinks and red meat should also be avoided.
  • Avoiding watching or reading which is sexually stimulating

White discharge treatment

Hashmi Mart brought a revolutionary natural medicine for leucorrhea treatment. Generally this problem is cured by steroids & hormonal therapy. But these cures have more side effects on health as compare to benefits. Hashmi Mart brought you Lady Care Capsules, natural medicine for white discharge treatment, made from unique blend. It has a stimulatory action on the endometrial system. Its tonic property improves circulation of uterus & antimicrobial, astringent actions on genital system control vagina discharge. Antiseptic qualities of Santorum album, an ingredient of lady care capsules, reduce burning sensation of inflamed urinary tract. It also improves sexual health & reduces itching, irritation, backache, stomachache, excessive urination. It’s effective in treating other problem of female like menstrual problem, maintain pH of vagina and hence recommend by gynecologist for preventing & treating leucorrhea.

This natural medicine is also women sex enhancement capsule, which is 100% natural without any side effects and does not contain any steroids or chemicals. With this vagina discharge cure it’s possible for women to enjoy sexual activity. This natural formula helps to raise libido, sensuality & overall sexual activity.

Home remedies for white discharge treatment

With natural medicine of vagina discharge you can also apply following home remedy to cure this problem. Given below are some of the home remedies recommended as a part of natural leucorrhea cure:

  • Eat one or even two ripe bananas daily.
  • Drink a glass of fresh cranberry juice, preferably without any sugar, once a day
  • Boil 2-3 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in 1 liter of water on medium flame for ½ hour. Use this water to wash vagina 3-4 times a day.
  • Take 1 teaspoon of powdered asparagus root with 1 teaspoon of honey twice a day.
  • Boil 3 tablespoons of rice in 3 cups of water in an open pan. Remove rice & drink remaining water lukewarm with 1 teaspoon of sugar (preferably unrefined sugar) once a day.
  • Soak 1 teaspoon of coriander seeds in ½ cup of water overnight. In the morning, swallow seeds and drink water for a month.
  • Consume the lady finger vegetable, preferably in the raw form.
  • Clean the vaginal area with freshly squeezed lemon juice and water.

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