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Low Sex Drive


Low Sex Drive

According to recent studies on female sexual life, it gives results that approximately 70% females face problems in achieving orgasms. Unfortunately because of our culture & beliefs, it makes women to believe that something wrong with them. Even they are called frigid or sexually cold if she can’t give climax on demand. Female body is differently made. As compare to men peculiar surveys & studies stated that men achieve orgasms within 2-3 minutes but in women case it takes 15-20 min to reach climax. Men can achieve mainly one orgasm during each sexual activity but female can get multiple orgasms. But sometimes due to different sexual problem woman’s sexual desires naturally fluctuates or decrease with time or age.

Sexual drive in women

Sex drive considered as state & interest in sexual objects or activities & to seek out to engage in sex activities or copulation to fulfill sexual demands and satisfaction. Sexual desire varies from one person to another, depending on circumstances at a particular time. Sexual desire is triggered by both internal & external factors. It’s affected by imagination and sexual fantasies & attraction towards partner. It’s spontaneous, responsive & dynamic. It’s important to know that libido is completely mismatched thing in male & female. Some women feels that they have no libido or incompetent achieve orgasms when partner demand. But fact is that female reaches orgasms lately. Medicines which are used libido enhancement in men are not successful with women because they generally cure erectile dysfunction which only happens in men.

A myth about women that she has only infertility as a sexual problem, not true. Women also lack of libido which affect her health, sexual life & her fertility.

Low sex drive symptoms & Causes

Women generally face low sex drive. Low libido not only affects sexual life but also sexual health. In case of women causes of low libido & symptoms are entirely distinctive. Female sex drive depends on distinct factor like intimacy, physical & mental state of person, past experiences, social beliefs & rituals, lifestyle. Common reason for low libido are-

  • Variant types of illnesses, physical and mental changes in body.
  • Pain during sex or no satisfaction from partner.
  • Various medical problem like arthritis, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure
  • Use of antidepressants.
  • Excess use of alcohol and drugs.
  • Unbalanced diet.
  • Hormonal changes like drop in level of estrogen.
  • Menopause.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding, post delivery phase.
  • Poor body image or low sexual confidence.
  • Sexual abuse or rape.
  • Problem in relationship.
  • Lesbianism.
  • Domestic abuse

Treatment of low sex drive

Hashmi Mart brought you ultimate remedy to raise sexual drive and libido. Fezinil, a natural female sex enhancer, sexual chain link & done its job to raise libido. No matter what is age Fezinil is completely effective in raising sexual desire & helps to achieve multiple orgasms. Studies show 40% of female experience decline in libido just before menopause. Ovaries, which are source of 60% of testosterone & estrogen, female sex hormone become inactive and hence reduced sexual drive. Hence path of more sexual satisfaction and high sex drive is Fezinil, purely natural and having no side effects at all. This female sex enhancer capsules re-energize body. It gives strength to woman’s body & maintains sex hormone level in body for more libidos, lubrication, & soothes reproductive system. It triggers pituitary gland and brain to release more sex hormones to raise sexual pleasure and restore happy sexual life.

Additional features of Fezinil
  • Increase level of Iron in body to raise blood circulation
  • Raise level of hormones produces by adrenal glands
  • Cure any injury in vagina & vaginal tract
  • Raise clitoris sensation.
  • Improve sexual stamina & libido booster
  • Increase fertility
  • Help to control hormonal fluctuations during menopause

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