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How To Reduce Breast Size


How To Reduce Breast Size

Are you tired from using bra which is several sizes smaller from actual to hide huge breast which gives dingy, frayed & cut breasts from two to four enormous breasts? Are your breasts swelled like root after rainstorm? Hate your breasts from fact that you are not able to provide them pretty lingerie. Huge breast generally covered with purple veins & stretched nipples. Average breast weighs about 0.5 kg. Each breast has approximately 4-5% of body fat and hence it has approximately 1% of total body weight. After puberty, estrogen, prolactin, progesterone & growth hormones are responsible for breast size increament. Breast made up of fat, milk glands and collagen. Collagen is connective tissue that keeps them firm.

Reason for huge breast

Woman will hardly stay at one breast size throughout whole life. Even after puberty, breasts will continue to change size and shape. Process is sometimes slow or sometimes fast on different ages. Processes starts with puberty and continue till late 30’s. This is normal process but due to some problem it leads huge breast. Some common reasons for big breast are-

  • Breast grows after pregnancy for lactation.
  • Ageing process or sometimes weight gain
  • Side effects of breast supplements or surgery.
  • Hormonal problems
  • Excess use of drugs or narcotics

Harmful effects of huge breast

Huge breasts cause different medical, physiological, cosmetic & medical problems when coming to terms with body. Huge breasts can cause various health issues makes it difficult to function properly. Some common problems of large breast are as follow-

  • Back Pain
    Large breasts mean much more weight on chest which effect on daily activities like lifting, bending over. It put a lot of strain on back, & back pain. It’s serious issue, especially when it effects on normal activities. If breasts are causing back pain & causing difficulty in working, exercising, or being active, medical advice will be considered.
  • Various Aches and Pains
    Large breasts also cause various aches & pains, which have an extremely negative effect on life. Pain of shoulder or neck can be as dangerous as back pain, and leads to pain in lower part of body. It can cause long- term psychological effects, as well as physical effects. It can also cause regular headaches because of chemical deposition in it.
  • Skin Problems
    Huge breasts gives various skin problems. Common area of skin problem is generally in folds underneath breasts, which are not easy to keep dry. Moist environment irritates skin, & humidity allows infections to develop in that moist area. It causes rashes and irritations underneath breasts & is extremely annoying. They are generally itchy, sore, and unsightly. It causes negative effect upon life.
  • Yeast infections
    This is most common problem of big breast. These generally develop in moist areas & are enormously irritating. Yeast infections causes itching, irritation, & skin de-coloration.
  • Posture issues
    Large breasts causes stoop, throughout standing & lead to bad posture. It causes back to curve & lead to lead to hump development. It also causes chronic nerve problems causes paralysis & shivering in body.
  • Psychological Effects
    Large breasts have adverse effect on mental health. It results self- conscious, low self- esteem & bad body image. Low self esteem causes depression and stress. Breast reduction treatment help to build a better body image, gives you more confidence.
  • Poisoned breast milk
    Large breast are more exposed for chemical deposit & if she’s nursing mother, baby will be affected. Chemicals stored in breast tissues, more likely to be transferred into a woman’s breast milk & passed along to newborn children.

Sexual importance of small breast

According to studies by different studies bigger breasts; less sexually sensitive as compare to smaller ones. Larger breasts have more fatty tissue than glandular tissue, which sexually sensitive. In smaller breasts, glands are easy to stimulate during foreplay because hidden by fatty layer of tissues. Well-endowed women can feel love too. They just need a stronger touch for sexual stimulation. Smaller boobs weigh less, hence easy to handle. Breasts generally first thing men look at. Staring at women’s cute breasts improve man’s sexual health. For man, cute small breasts acts switch to turn-on for sexual activity.

Breast reduction treatment

People who are suffering from huge breast generally consider breast reduction surgery. But now no need to worry. Hashmi Mart develops a revolutionary product for breast reduction. Now forget highly expensive surgery which has more side effects on body as compare to good results. Directly from womb of Mother Nature Hashmi Mart develop natural medicine name Cute-B. Our breast reduction capsule is purely natural medicine can reduce your breast naturally. You can see remarkable difference in breast within very small period of time. It is an effective breast reduction treatment for any women of any age. This breast reduction treatment reduces breast naturally without any side effect. It is highly result orientated.

Main Features of breast reduction capsule:

  • Breast Reduction naturally.
  • It Decreases skin’s naturally & heals various skin problems.
  • Non-Surgical Breast Reduction Treatment.
  • Lift and firm breasts
  • Create visibly tighter, more toned skin of breast
  • Improved elasticity of breast
  • Softer, smother texture to breast
  • Gives healthier, younger looking cleavage

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