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Heart Disease Treatment


Heart Disease Treatment

Cardiovascular disease refers heart disease affects human cardiovascular system. Heart disease principally is coronary heart disease, brain & kidney vascular disease & peripheral arterial disease. In coronary heart disease plaque builds up & squeezes artery walls & arteries become hard. Blood passage becomes difficult & enhances chances of blood clot formation, heart attack & stroke. Coronary heart disease leads congestive heart failure & ultimately death. Hardening process of arteries in Coronary artery disease known as atherosclerosis.

Reasons of coronary heart disease

Coronary heart disease: common & main reason for death in world. Main cause of coronary artery disease encircles high blood pressure, obesity, arteries hardening, vitamin B deficiency. Other reasons of heart attack are old age. Risk of heart attack doubles every decade after age 55. Prime reason of heart attack is high serum cholesterol level. Gender plays vital role in reason of heart attack. Male are at greater risk than pre- menopausal women. Study done by World Health Organization explains that main reason of heart attack air pollution, diabetes, chronic kidney disorder. Vital reason of heart attack considered by WTO is unhealthy diet, tobacco use, alcohol addiction, smoking & drug addiction, heart disease in family history. Stress & depression considered important reason of heart attack.

Explanation depicting coronary artery disease

Limited blood, oxygen flow to heart causes starvation in myocardial cells leads, heart muscle damage, & death. Later without heart muscle re-growth causes coronary artery disease. Typically, heart attack occurs when smooth part, elastic lining inside artery develops atherosclerosis. With atherosclerosis, coronary artery lining becomes hardened, stiffened, & swollen with calcium deposits, & abnormal inflammatory cells. Deposit in muscular layer significant role in coronary artery disease. Below presented page discuss symptoms of coronary artery disease.

Symptoms of coronary artery disease

Effects of unhealthy diet & physical inactivity show up in individuals as coronary heart disease. Raised blood pressure, blood glucose, lipids, & obesity are intermediate risks factors for coronary artery disease. Artery disease can be measured by symptoms & other complications-

  • Nausea, Extreme weakness, sweating.
  • Pain or discomfort in chest, left arm or back.
  • Unusually rapid heartbeat.
  • Shortness of breath, fatigue.
  • Heaviness, tightness, pressure, aching, burning, numbness, fullness, or squeezing.
  • Indigestion or heartburn.
  • Difficulty speaking or understanding speech
  • Difficulty seeing with one or both eyes, loss of balance or coordination.

Medication for coronary artery disease

Coronary heart disease assumed dangerous for life. Hashmi brings alternative treatment best for heart. Issue related to heart, then Cardio Cure Capsule medicine treat coronary artery disease. Cardio Cure Capsule is complete treatment for heart disease, made of effective herbs & best cardio protection products. Coronary heart disease treatment prevents heart attack, murmuring, palpitation arteriosclerosis etc. This heart disease treatment used to cure mild congestive heart failure, blocks, muscles weaken. Coronary artery disease treatment increase vitamin E, cells oxygenation & makes heart stronger.

Coronary heart disease treatment benefit

  • Helps in reducing platelets aggregation.
  • Regulates the cholesterol & triglycerides production.
  • Improve muscles contraction & relaxation.
  • Impurities, Toxins & Waste Products.
  • Manage Blood Pressure.

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