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Face Care


Face Care

you want a healthy skin, it is important to have a healthy diet that contains adequate amounts of minerals, vitamins, and proteins. You should maintain natural moisture in the skin. Exposure to sun and natural environment to a certain extent are good for the skin. If you have smooth, soft, attractive, clear, and glowing facial skin, then you are a blessed one. However, the skin’s beauty may not last long or forever.

Natural beauty tips for face:

  • Cleanse, moisturize, and tone the face daily
  • Use lemon juice for scrubbing
  • Use cucumber for improving facial complexion
  • Use gram flour for getting rid of tan
  • Use tomatoes to balance the skin
  • Use apple for closing pores naturally

Face skin care is a major concern of both men and women. There are many means to help your face retain a youthful glow. When it comes to the best face products for women, our herbo-mineral preparations top the list. They help the skin retain a fine complexion and regain its glow.

Common face-related problems:

1) Spots and marks on the face: Any kind of spot or a number of spots on the face spoil the charming personality of a woman. The spots are of several kinds like dark spots under the eyes, small pox spots and white patches or pockmarks.
2) Facial wrinkles: Wrinkles prematurely give an old look to a young person. For women, wrinkles are a curse.
3) Pimples: Pimples are a very serious adolescence problem. They appear on the forehead, cheeks and nose, spoiling the facial looks.
4) Acne: Acne is basically a skin disease common to youth. The skin gets spotty and the blotches on the face never vanish.

Beauty of eyes: Eyes are one of the most prominent places among our five sensory organs of our body. Beautiful and large eyes enhance your beauty many fold; hence, it is essential to take good care of them.


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