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Beauty Clinics and Beauty Care in India


Beauty Clinics and Beauty Care in India

Beauty and care are a major concern of both women and men. But women are much more conscious about their beauty compared to men and use all possible aids for attracting the opposite sex. The scenario has changed a lot now and men are more mindful about their appearance, too. The concepts of beauty have also changed with time. Much stress is now laid on an impressive and attractive personality, which includes the way of moving, walking and talking in society, manners, and the choice of clothes.

Nowadays, natural and herbal products play a key role in beautification. It is now believed that 70 percent of beauty is derived from the mental state, while only 30 percent is due to beauty care products. Therefore, at Hashmi Ayurvedic Cures, we use time-tested and age-old Unani herbalism in beauty treatment. Our beauty treatment courses originate from the ancient herbal tradition and have been upgraded through continuous research using modern scientific tools for suiting individual requirement of every man and woman. Our herbal treatment promises an eternal and ageless youth beauty for both men and women.

Beauty care tips are not just limited to the face but also apply to body parts such as breasts. The reliable, natural, and safe choice for breast enlargement is Hashmi Ayurvedic Cures’ BIG-BXL Capsule and BIG-BXL Cream, which help in:

  • More toned and firmer breasts from 34B to 34C
  • Increment of bust size from 30A to 32B
  • Tighter and smoother breast skin
  • Fairer breast skin with pinkish nipples
  • Providing natural hormonal balance
  • Improving firmness, tone and contour of breasts
  • Bringing a ‘natural’ breast lift.

BIG-BXL Capsule and BIG-BXL Cream are unmatched over any other herbal beauty care item and are endorsed by doctors everywhere. In fact, no other product’s results have been comparable to those of BIG-BXL Capsule and BIG-BXL Cream formula.

The BIG-BXL Cream is a magic formula for women yearning for more defined breasts or larger cup size. The cream contains phytoestrogen in high concentration and is light, flora scented, non-oily, and applicable to all skin types. Studies have confirmed that this cream increases breast cup size by three inches. The high-quality ingredients in the cream:

  • Improve visible texture and tone of the skin
  • Tighten and tone the breast
  • Enhance the firm feel of the supporting skin of the breast, providing a beautiful and desirable shape.

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