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Anatomy of the Dick


Anatomy of the Dick

Dick is the male organ for coitus or intercourse and the tool for reproduction. Its normal length in flaccid condition is 7 cm to 12 cm and 12 cm to 21 cm when erect. The circumference ranges from 7.5 to 10.5 cm in flaccid condition and 8.5 cm to 12 cm during erection. Following are the features of male anatomy:

Glans: The tip of the Dick is known as glans, and it is an expansion of the corpus spongionsum. The base of the glans projects out from the main body of the Dick and this projecting margin is called corona.

Prostate: This gland appears to be a sexual organ, since in animals that have seasonal sexuality, the prostate enlarges during the mating season. In human body systems, prostrate is about 4 cm and is composed of muscular and glandular tissue.

Scrotum or Scrotal-Sac: Scrotum is a thin-walled soft muscular pouch underneath the Dick containing two compartments to hold the testicles, which manufacture a man’s sex cells called sperm and the male sex hormone called testosterone. A male’s scrotum is very sensitive to touch and can be a source of sensual pleasure. Contraction and expansion illustrate the primary function of the scrotum, which is to act as a natural climate control centre for the testicles. The temperature in the scrotum is a degree or two lower than the usual body temperature. The testicles need this lower temperature in order to produce viable sperm.

Testicles: Testicles are found inside the scrotum pouch; the pouch is divided into two smaller pouches each containing one testicle with its epididymis. Testicles manufacture a man’s sex cells called sperm and the male sex hormone called testosterone. The testicles start producing sperm when a young man reaches puberty. The sperm is stored in epididymis.

Semen: Semen is the mixture of secretions from the prostate seminal vesicle and spermatozoa from the testes. When a man reaches sexual climax, sperm-containing semen oozes out of the dick, which is the elixir of reproduction. Each time in two days, about 2 to 6 ml semen can come out when a man reaches orgasm.

Sperm: Sperm are produced inside several hundred coiled microscopic tubules, called somniferous tubules, present in the testes. Somniferous tubules produce sperm constantly, maturing and nourishing each one for some 45 days in sertoli or nurse cells attached to the tubule’s lining. They are then released into the epididymis. Sperm are produced constantly throughout the man’s adult life. However, if ejaculation occurs more than once or twice a day, it can take five to seven days to replenish the supplies.

Testosterone: Testosterone is the main male hormone produced mostly in the testes. Testosterone stimulates the development of the male secondary sex characteristics at puberty, causing growth of beard and pubic hair and the change of voice. He is then able to have erections and develop feelings of lust. The hormone also aids in the growth and muscular development of the adult male.


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