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Retarded Ejaculation, Premature Ejaculation Treatment


Retarded Ejaculation, Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Sex is a nature’s gift to living beings. With great sex comes great relationships, attractive looks, and enhanced confidence in all spheres of life. On the contrary, if you are weak in sexual performance, the effects can be terrible, such as anxiety, loss of self-confidence, depression, detachment in sex life and crumbling relationship with a woman. No wonder then that retarded and premature ejaculation are the top disorders that ruin a man’s sex life.

Retarded Ejaculation: Retarded ejaculation means the inability of a man to reach a climax. Surprisingly, the sufferer can actually achieve orgasm during masturbation, but has problems ejaculating during actual intercourse. The old term for this condition was ‘ejaculatory incompetence,’ but that expression has been dropped, because it suggested that the person was ‘incompetent’ in some way. Retarded ejaculation occurs mainly in men who may have been brought up very strictly during childhood, or who are very ‘controlled’ in their lives. Such people may have difficulty in showing emotions, and in ‘letting go.’ Other possible causes identified by sexologists include fear of causing a pregnancy, fear that the vagina is ‘dirty,’ over-strict religious upbringing or latent gayness.

Premature Ejaculation: Premature ejaculation is a condition in which a man reaches ‘climax’ too soon or ejaculates semen very early. Penile stimulation is minimal in this condition, along with lack of control over when to expel semen. Although there is no fixed time cut-off for early ejaculation, sexologists define it as climax within 1 minute of the start of sexual intercourse. Causes may include quick masturbation during adolescence, anxiety, stress, aggressiveness, less sex, a hypersensitive Dick, and nerve conditions.

How to Stop Retarded/Premature Ejaculating

Proper nutrition is the key to staying in fit condition. Weight management is also an essential element in helping men feel more comfortable about how they look and are perceived by the female sex. Internal health and a better personality go a long way in determining a man’s performance in bed. However, in extreme cases, treatment is essential.

Treatment for Retarded/Premature Ejaculation

Hashmi PXXL Capsule works as a miracle in treating both retarded and premature ejaculation. The complete natural and herbal composition ensures no side effects when taken under medical supervision. Hashmi PXXL Capsule gives instant gratification to your unsatisfied sex life through multiple ways:

  • Increases male libido.
  • Enhances vitality, sexual endurance and stamina.
  • Provides boost for longer and harder erections.
  • Enjoy longer sex.
  • Safe and effective without side effects.

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