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Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, is a major concern for millions of men across the globe. Earlier it was seen that men over 70 years of age were more probable to having ED, but men now are experiencing the problem even in their 20s. You might be thinking are there over­the­counter (OTC) treatments to help overcome the problem?

ED cures that actually work

Herbal medication/supplements help greatly in overcoming an ED problem; they actually work, but the outcome and duration of result vary from person to person. One such medication for treatment of ‘Male Sexual Dysfunction’ is Hashmi’s Hard Rock Capsule.

Hard Rock Capsule treats:

  1. Impotence or erectile dysfunction
  2. Low output of semen
  3. Short lasting erection
  4. Reduced ejaculation control
  5. Painful intercourse
  6. Premature ejaculation
  7. Loss of sexual desire

Caverject or Edex (Alprostadil) are the ED treatment injections available in the market, but even thinking of injections is extremely painful. Then why to suffer the pain when Hashmi’s Hard Rock Capsule makes it painless for you. It allows you to enjoy your sexual life to the fullest without experiencing the agony of injections.

Hard Rock Capsule is the best ED drug on the market today and is the top choice of people who are facing problems in their sex life. This product is proven unmatched, with its natural ingredients giving you sexual boost that is close to magical. The course for Hard Rock is 2 capsules, taken one in the morning and one in evening, 30 minutes before sexual intercourse or bedtime preferably with hot milk.

Several studies have shown men with ED have BMIs (body mass indexes) more than 25, which means that they are overweight. Obesity increases the risk of sexual dysfunction as well risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and many chronic diseases. Weights loss tips include watching the food you eat, avoiding alcohol, and exercising regularly. Along with that, take Hard Rock Capsule to help get back your sexual desire.

Benefits of Hard Rock Capsule:

  • It is a safe sex stimulant, which is non­hormonal
  • It acts on limbic system and hypothalamus for improving libido
  • It helps to maintain erections while improving your sexual performance
  • Its adaptogenic and anti­stress actions help in alleviating sexual performance­related anxiety.

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