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Vagina Tightening Cream


Vagina Tightening Cream

Sex in women life is complex phenomena. Sexual life in women based on different emotion. With physical aspect like penis in male vagina plays vital role in sexual life of women. Pleasure in sexual life of women as well as men depends on condition of vagina. Conditions of vagina change according to different phases in life of women. If case of teenager is considered firmness in vagina is much more than a woman of late 30’s. It is easy to get conclusion that vagina tightening looses as age increases. Childbirth is one of main reason of loose vagina & after that things are not go same anymore. Loose vagina means low sexual pleasure.

Why tight vagina gives more pleasure?

Generally both male & female negotiate tightness of vagina. For ultimate sexual pleasure for both male & female tight vagina is basic need. E.g. during initial phase of marriage men prefer anal sex for tight penile feeling, but after child birth he clearly change preference and move towards oral sex to achieve sexual pleasure. In male dominating society vagina tightness is not only concerned to feeling of tightness but also it gives feedback from women during intercourse in form of female pain sensation. Tight grip of vagina gives more pleasurable sensation to male sex organ. Because of tight grip of penis in vagina gives multiple orgasms & more sexual satisfaction to female. Maximum number of men prefer tight vagina for lifelong sexual pleasure.

Why vagina is loose?

Firmness of vagina loses over different phases of life. Generally reasons of loose vagina are-

  • After childbirth or delivery
  • Excess of sex with a man having big penis
  • Use of foreign materials for sexual pleasure or we can say sex toys
  • Use of more than two finger during masturbation
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Vaginal infections
  • Weak pelvic muscles

How to tighten vagina?

  • Vagina tightening treatment
    Sexual pleasure is not an easy task for women. Need of foreplay, need of more time to achieve orgasms is always a big issue for sexual pleasure. After delivery of child loose vagina make this phenomenon impossible. At this stage women need vagina tightening treatment and now vagina tightening treatment is on your door step. Hashmi Mart brought you Vagitot, a revolutionary vagina tightening cream, which not only tighten vagina but also raise your sexual pleasure. Vagitot is herbal vagina tightening cream which tighten vagina naturally in very small period of time. Our vagina tightening treatment is effective at any age or any phase of life. It no problem that you have two or four kids but this vagina tightening cream is so effective that it gives you remarkable result of vagina tightening in just one month of use. Regular use repairs pelvic muscles as well as tissues and tighten vagina. In this vagina tightening treatment medicine provided is purely herbal medicine hence it has no side effects at all on vagina. Ingredients used in our vagina tightening cream are only obtained from herbs and plants. No chemicals are used to make this herbal medicine. Vagitot is made by purely quality checked process under strict supervision of doctors and pharmaceuticals. Hashmi Mart brought best medicine for patients who need vagina tightening.
  • Vagina tightening exercises
    Along with vagina tightening treatment, experts of Hashmi Mart advise to follow some vagina tightening exercises as well to get better results. Prescribed vagina tightening exercise is kegel exercise for women.

What is kegel exercise?

Kegel exercise is not more that repeated contraction & relaxation of pelvic muscles. Kegel exercise generally used to do to reduce urinary incontinence childbirth. Main aim or this vagina tightening exercise is to improve muscle tone which is also effective in vagina tightening. Kegel exercises increase sexual gratification.

Kegel exercise for pregnant women

Kegel is mostly prescribed exercise for pregnant women. Kegel exercise for pregnant women is useful to strengthen pelvic muscles for physiological stresses for later stages of pregnancy & childbirth. Kegel exercise for pregnant women is good for treatment of vaginal ground, uterine fall down, urinary incontinence, prostate pain & swelling.

Steps of kegel exercise

  • While urinating, try to stop the flow. It is basic move of kegel exercise. But don’t make it regular during urination because it can weakening pelvic muscle
  • Place finger in vagina and squeeze muscles. One should feel muscles tightening & your pelvic floor move up. Relax and move back again.
  • Tighten and relax these muscles daily.
  • Get into a comfortable position to do kegel exercise. Make sure your buttock and tummy muscles are relaxed.
  • Concentrate only on pelvic muscles & do not tighten any other area of body. Breathe normally during exercise.
  • Perform kegel exercises regularly, about 3 or 4 times a day.

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