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How To Increase Stamina


How To Increase Stamina

Sex & intercourse is a mixture of anatomic, neurological, metabolic, & endocrinal and physiological factors an important human activity. Sex is not only physical phenomenon but also mental relaxation & health booster. One does not feel low after sex, but rather recharged. If partner dissatisfied during intercourse than it’s directly effects their body, health, mood and moreover family. During intercourse male always worries of his ability to satisfy her wife and for female she worries to satisfy her husband. In case of males, if there is erection, retention and early ejaculation problem then the male is facing sexual dysfunctions. One of main sexual dysfunction is sexual stamina or we can say retention.

A person who is unable to perform proper sexual activity and feels low energy levels, low libido & hence ejaculates early is facing problem of less sexual stamina. Even our Gurus believed that orgasm and satisfied sex is healthy and necessary, including the release of sperm in female vagina but sexual energy currents must be controlled in a deeply esoteric procedure. They believed that if this energy is controlled, it becomes a source of infinite pranic energy that not lost with time. Main question is that How to increase stamina.

Reasons of low stamina

Generally in India, mentality of male is that if he is sexually weak than he is impotence. But it’s completely wrong. According to studies in field of health, experts said that sexual weakness is referred to the condition where man unable gain sufficient stiffness in penis. There are millions of males during sex. There are many reasons which can attribute to sexual weakness disorder. Males achieve erection due to high circulation of the blood in penile region. During sex, brain triggers nitrogen oxide in blood which increase blood flow in penis area but also stops flow of blood outside penis. Hence blood present in penis is absorbed by spongy tissues which in turn grow in size and get stiff to cause erection of penis which penetrate female vagina and eject semen inside her body.

Any reason which causes interference in this process results sexual weakness in man. This sexual weakness is also known as erectile dysfunction. Reason for erectile dysfunction is physical or psychological.

Here we mention some reasons for sexual dysfunction-

  • Lack of blood flow or blocked blood vessel because of obesity and heart problem. Cholesterol is also some of main reasons for erectile dysfunction. It degrades health of tissues, weaken arteries, capillary and ultimately weak heart.
  • Diabetes, anemia,. urinary tract infection, kidney infection.
  • Excess use of drugs, narcotics, antidepressants reduces blood density & increases its viscosity due to which blood not stop by penile tissues.
  • Sometimes excess masturbation, high expectation because of porn also leads such problems.
  • Low libido, low sexual desire, fears, guilt & trauma also lead & promote sexual dysfunction in man.

How can I identify that I am facing sexual weakness?

Symptoms in male are quite remarkable. He can identify problem by notices some situation he can know whether he is suffering from erectile dysfunction or not.

Some symptoms are as following

  • If any man is facing problem in achieving proper erection on regular basis or achieve erection but lose during climax & takes long time to gain another erection, loose it again just after vaginal penetration might be suffering with sexual weakness
  • Less sensation is penile head is also one of main symptom to identify sexual weakness. No sexual satisfaction during intercourse. No erection during urination. No sensation in masturbation
  • Low viscosity of urine, or color of urine becoming yellow. Low volume & thinning of semen are also signs of sexual weakness
  • Pain in penile after urination is sign of weakness.

How to increase stamina?

Hashmi Mart from regular research on different herbs and its combination develop PXXL capsules which are completely efficient answer for question how to increase stamina. Low sexual stamina, low libido, and sexual weakness destroy men’s self-esteem and their ability to satisfy their partner. Impotence can result in an emotional set-back over manhood. Surveys reveal that one-third of male population facing this problem all over the world but due to shyness cannot complain it. Therefore, Hashmi Mart brings you this product online. We also provide online counseling for patients & privacy of patient is maintained. Herbal ingredient in this capsule reconstructs penile tissues and cure penile blood vessel. Increase density of blood so that tissues hold it and cause stiff and firm erections. It also increase sexual stamina, sexual drive and help to maintain erection for long time and reduces early ejaculation.

Is it worthy to use? Is it herbal and safe?

Powerful herbal ingredients of PXXL Capsule are fully efficient of going to the root of sexual problem. According to survey 50% of men above 40 reportedly have sexual weakness problem. And men above age 75 do not get erection at all. Ingredients used well known for centuries to treat various health & sex problems. It’s purely result oriented and leads to results as expected in very short period of time. Developed for men of all age groups.


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