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Breast Enlargement Capsules


Breast Enlargement Capsules

According to studies of female anatomy breasts are used for milk feeding purposes. But as we move from theory to personal experience, classic avatar of female sexuality is breasts. Breasts always have something which fascinates men during intercourse. It’s always a mystery since the beginning of time. To raise sexuality, women have strapped down their breasts with fabric bands or boosted their cleavage with body-shaping corsets for centuries. Big breast are considered as girl’s self-esteem & femininity. In a study, researchers found that large breasts were about 24 percent more sensitive than small ones. According to scientists reason behind It’s presence of nerve that transmits sensation from the nipple are expands.

What is importance of big breast in female life?

Women’s breasts give erotic pleasure during sexual activity to both male and female. They shape woman’s own facsimile. It’s connecting bond between women and her child. She feed a baby with them. Breasts made up of embryological tissues. At puberty, female sex hormones, mainly estrogen, promote breast development. Breasts produce colostrums which is not milk, but extremely nutritious for infant. It gives immunity to infant during initial days of birth.

Anatomy of female breast

Female anatomy of breast consists of these parts:-

  • Nipples
    Nipples point out apparently, but they have smooth appearance. They are present little deeper in breast or can be overturned. Appearance is large sometimes. Milk ducts leading from mammary glands in each breast assemble & empty into nipples, allowing a baby to nurture. Each nipple is supplied with nerve endings, which make it very sensitive to touch. Thin muscle fibers present in each nipple enable it to become erect sexual act, & in response to other stimuli such as cold.
  • Areola
    Areola is darker pigmented area around nipples. Its color and size varies from female to female. It’s normal to have small bumps in areola, but bigger bumps may be harmful to health. They are oil-producing glands that secrete a lubricant which makes breastfeeding easier. During pregnancy areola become darker and remain that way to a degree after pregnancy.
  • Milk Glands
    Each breast consists of 15 to 25 milk-producing sacs. It contain an apocrine gland that produces milk in response to hormonal signals passes through ducts to nipple, ready for the baby to suckle. As we compare breast size, the milk glands are about the same size in each woman and they produce about the same amount of milk.
  • Milk Ducts
    Lactiferous ducts or we can say milk duct form a tree branched system connecting the lobules of milk glands to tip of nipple. The milk is produced in milk glands, passes through these ducts & collects around the middle. Milk is produced by two hormones, prolactin and oxytocin. Prolactin gives signals to milk glands to produce milk, & as baby suckles, more prolactin is released into bloodstream to cause more production of milk. Oxytocin acts as neuron-modulator in brain. It stimulates intimacy, especially in sexual reproduction during and after childbirth. It releases hormones to cervix and uterus during labor, facilitating birth, maternal bonding, & lactation. It is also known as bonding hormone.

How big breast are sexually important?

Recent studies reported that oxytocin play remarkable role sexual behavior. As a culture, consider breasts as sex objects, not parts of living someone’s body, it give rise to many fantasies. During sexual activity oxytocin is released in the woman’s brain strengthening relationship & sexual desire. During sex man stimulates his partner’s breasts and nipples for sexual pleasure. It’s concluded that men make themselves sexually desirable by stimulating breasts during foreplay and sex. Men attracts to breasts in sexual way, which activates the female bonding circuit. Male & female both enjoy nipple stimulation during sex. Men tend to select big breast women because they think these women’s breast fat will make them better at nourishing babies.

Why my breasts are small?

There are many reasons for small breast. Sometimes it’s genetic, hormonal or sometimes it’s medical. Here we discuss some common reason for small breast.

  • Hormonal imbalance in body. E.g. fluctuation in level of estrogen or oxytocin.
  • Lack of vitamins in body.
  • Bad food habits which causes lack in nutrition in body.
  • Usage of drugs and narcotics.
  • Problem in thyroid gland.
  • Emotional problems like stress or depression.
  • Heredity problem

Breast enlargement treatment

At past because of lack of sex education and shyness to express sexual problem, peoples only think that surgery is only way as breast enlargement treatment. But now time is changing, as awareness about sex increases, people came to know that for breast enlargement, capsules are also available. Hashmi Mart develops revolutionary breast enlargement capsules for breast enlargement. Medicine is purely natural and has no side effects on body. Breast enlargement capsules have unique formula breast enlargement. It has been developed by advanced herbal techniques, classic knowledge throughout centuries. Ingredients of our breast enlargement pills are obtained from Mother Nature are of best quality. This breast enlargement pills give permanent breast enlargement. According to studies, in female during puberty she faces major changes in physical appearance, body glands starts secreting sex hormones. Sex hormones are responsible for breast enlargement. If during this hormonal disturbances occur, it causes unfavorable influence on growth of body & on breast enlargement. Once puberty passed, enlargement of breasts and growth of body stops.

But thanks to Hashmi Mart, they develop revolutionary herbal medicine BIG-BXL, breast enlargement capsules gives successful enlargement in breast without surgery. This is best breast enlargement treatment give 100% results in breast enlargement. Breast enlargement pills and breast enlargement cream most effective breast enlargement treatment available in market. It gives you results in very small period of time. Large number of user of our medicine, breast enlargement supplements gain success to maintain their body shape and breast size. Results are permanent. If ladies are looking for ways breast enlargement naturally, Hashmi’s medicine is remedy for them. It enlarge breast naturally without causing unwanted side effects. This breast enlargement treatment does not contain any harmful elements such as chemicals and synthetic chemicals that affect your body in a bad way. Appearance of the breasts is smooth, without wrinkles and provides increased breast by this breast enlargement capsules.


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